In the future... Bitcoin, as a leader of decentralized cryptocurrency, will be the ideal Home of NFTs because it is battle-tested and can withstand the test of time.

available forever

With the help of Arweave Protocol, we were able to preserve the art and its metadata forever.

a soul needs a body

The art (NFT) serves as a "vessel" to the Original Art. When the Original Art is stolen/lost/destroyed, value is lost. Therefore, if there is a vessel, the value from the Original Art is transferred to the NFT.

one soul
multiple bodies

The purpose of having multiple copies of the art (NFT) instead of a single copy- is to make the art more decentralized. If in case a single bitcoin address containing an NFT is lost/forgotten, there still be another copy to represent it. Thus the art will live forever and retain its value.

divine blessing

A new era of crypto airdrop and revenue sharing for Genesis holders.

community treasury

Community treasury is a fund that incorporates Divine Fund (Mutual Fund), Divine Blessing (Airdrop), and a fund to support our Social Responsibility.

transparency is king

The team only holds 4.61% of the Total Supply (888). You can check the transparency page for more details.


Wrapped NFTs on various blockchains are fully backed.




goal oriented

Our Goal is to Decentralize art (NFT) to as many collectors as possible.
Distributing it in various blockchains is essential so that it will not be bought by a single entity.